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Why Choose Me

Being an expat myself I have a deeper understanding of the language then a native speaker who never encountered issues you and I encounter or could encounter.

Besides my language expertise I can share my own experience with you and make you avoid mistakes I made during my language journey! Now living in a French speaking part of Switzerland with a native speaker partner, French is my daily routine.

Passionate about languages in general I am deeply in love with the French language and I would love to share this love with you! I love to analyze and compare languages , go in details, stydy the difference in pronunciation and grammar between an oral use and a standard French you'll find in books.

If you want to integrate the French community, be able to communicate with your boyfriend's/ husband's / girlfriend's/ wife's friends and family I am your man!

Let me guide throughout your learning  , give your the structure and help you to master your French language skills through an adaptive course created specifically for you.

I love to work with authentic documents, real comic's sketchs that we'll analyse together, popular TV shows on Netflix so you can watch them enterily in French for fun, understand every joke and get the subtext, we'll work on ads and real journalistic's coverages, read Instagram posts, food bloger's recipes, and discover French side of TikTok. Let's see together what French speakers are talking about and be ready to make a conversation!

You will learn the real, daily vocabulary and grammar you really need to speak, work on phonetics and pronunciation so a French speaker will finally understand you and not switch to English.

Your progress makes me happy!

Looking forward working with you and make your language learning journey as pleasant and as effective as possible!

Yours truly,


Despite being in Geneva for many years, my French wasn't very good as I work in English.

My vocabulary was much better then my grammar and I was getting bored during French classes at school. I have tried few teachers before I decided to work with Luiza. Taking lessons with Louisa helped me to improve my vocabulary and grammar and become more comfortable in holding conversations in French, reading and writing.

Luiza is highly knowledgeable and professional and fun to work with. She is flexible, motivating and is able to design lessons that target specific needs of a student.

I can strongly recommend Luiza for everyone that is interested to improve his language skills with tailor made solution in a fun and motivating environment.

risk analyst

Luiza has a very effective teaching method. I'm an absolute beginner and have progressed very well over 12 sessions - I took 2 sessions each week with 1 hour per session. She's extremely professional but very patient and pleasant to work with. I think that's an important quality that helps students to not get too intimidated when the lessons get more and more challenging. I have decided to continue my lessons with her and look forward to advancing even more. If you put in the same amount of effort in doing your homework and reviewing lessons as she does in teaching you and correcting your work, you will be speaking and improving your French in no time! Merci beaucoup, Luiza!

consultant in communications

Luiza is a great teacher. She’s patient and thorough and her lessons are always, personalized and well-prepared. I especially appreciate this as I’m a busy mother, so my time is always pressurized and I’m pleased we make the most out of each lesson! She is also careful to ensure that we cover a range of exercises each lesson to keep them interesting, for example grammar and phonetics exercises are interspersed with learning vocabulary in a fun way, by listening to songs or studying relevant YouTube videos. Her love for the French language is infectious and I enjoy our lessons very much!

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I have been learning French for about a year and since beginning lessons with Luiza a couple of months ago I already feel my confidence and understanding growing so much more.

Luiza’s lessons are always so well planned and tailored to my individual needs.

She uses a variety of mediums to make it interesting and relevant; from textbooks, YouTube videos and audio files. As well as understanding all the rules and exceptions, Luiza has also taught me more colloquial and informal french to help when I’m conversing in my everyday life.

I strongly recommend Luiza to anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or looking for a new way to progress your French!

UN employee

Who am I

Luiza Chassot

French language Teacher

I started to learn French at the age of 6 years old. Been with this language my whole life , I learned it from sratch living abroad. Now, living for 6 years in Switzerland and teaching French for almost a decade I know exactly where it hurts and how to get through all the difficulties and make the stydiyng progress pleasant.

I am bilingual French-Russian and also fluently speak English.

I specialize in language teaching courses such as Grammar, Phonetics & Conversational French language, DELF and FIDE exams preparation and evaluation.

I hold a Master’s degree in Philology (SPECIALIST IN PHILOLOGY. TEACHER of the Lomonosov Moscow State University) and also an Advanced Diploma in Teaching French as a Foreign Language of the University of Geneva.

I now teach French at the Ecole Moderne in Geneva in addition to giving individual online lessons and I am also a FIDE interlocutor (I conduct interviews and lead the "Speaking and Understanding" part of the FIDE exam) in Geneva.

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